Book Review – “Put Your Dream to the Test” by John C. Maxwell

_225_350_book40coverFull Disclosure – John C. Maxwell is one of my favorite authors.  I was offered a free copy of his most recent book, Put Your Dream to the Test, by publisher Thomas Nelson as part of their “book review bloggers” program.

Maxwell’s newest book, Put Your Dream to the Test, provides a road map to determine how fully developed your dream really is.  Using a series of ten questions, and a case study associated with each one, Maxwell takes the reader through the process of thinking about and understanding the nature of a dream.  His contention is that if you go through the process of thinking about your dream so you can answer each of the questions with a “yes”, you’ll be much better prepared to realize the dream you have.

Maxwell’s style is always interesting to me.  He provides easy-to-read stories that tie in quite nicely to the issues he’s trying to illustrate.  For instance, in dealing with “The Clarity Question – Do I Clearly See My Dream?”, Maxwell provides the story of Mike Hyatt, the CEO of Thomas Nelson, Inc.  Hyatt took the reigns of a division of Thomas Nelson under stressful circumstances and with no idea that it was going to happen.  Maxwell provides an account of Hyatt’s experiences in developing a clear strategy to bring his division out of the negative situation it was in.  Maxwell then illustrates the principle of how important it is to clarify your dream by linking back to specific events in Hyatt’s story.  The real-life example makes the principle come alive.

Put Your Dream to the Test is another in a long line of great books by John C. Maxwell.  Specific answers to the questions brought up in the book will provide you with a blueprint of how to go about refining and living out your dream.

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