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Hope you’re all having a good summer so far.  It’s going by pretty quickly, isn’t it?  When I was growing up, I never believed those old people that told me “time flies”, but now I am one.  It seems like I was just writing up the site review for June.  Good grief, I sound like I’m 85, don’t I?

I put up 7 new posts on Start Being Your Best during the month:

Me Time:  I’ve always said that the stuff I write about here at SBYB is very personal.  It’s usually going to be stuff that I’m struggling with myself.  I certainly don’t think I’ve got it all together.  If I come across something that I think is going to be helpful to folks that are going along the same path that I am, I’m going to share it.  This is one of those key issues that I’ve dealt with in the past.  You need to be sure you’re taking the time alone that you need.  And, if you don’t think you need alone time, you’re probably wrong.

Procrastination:  As soon as I’ve said something like “I write about stuff I struggle with”, I go and make a liar out of myself.  As I mentioned in this article, I don’t really have a problem with procrastination.  Consequently, I don’t really have any tricks to deal with it.  I think you just need to do whatever it is that you’re putting off.

Three Keys to Personal Growth:  This was kind of an interesting post to write, as I drew some connections between farming and personal development.  Personal growth stems from bad situations that we encounter.  It’s often been said that the only thing in life that you can control is your response to your circumstances.  I agree with that wholeheartedly.

Find Your Tribe:  I had just finished reading Seth Godin’s incredible book Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us when I wrote this post.  I’m so motivated to find a group of people who care as much about becoming a great person as I do.  This blog is my poor attempt, like a flickering neon sign in the night, to attract a tribe of people like that.  You can do it, too.  More than anything else, I hope to be able to inspire folks to find what motivates them, and take steps to accomplish it.  That’s what being in a tribe is all about.

For My Cousin:  This one didn’t have much to do with personal development.  I lost my 22 year old cousin a couple of weeks ago; he took his own life.  He had a lot of emotional issues that he was dealing with, and they eventually got the best of him.  Please, if you know of someone in similar circumstances, please make sure you’re paying attention to them, and do your best to help them out.

How to Quit Worrying:  In this article, I shared a trick that someone showed me a little while ago to deal with anxiety.  I used to lose sleep on a regular basis because I was worrying all the time.  I just couldn’t relax enough to catch some Zs.  Once I started practicing this routine on a regular basis, I didn’t really have any problem dropping off to sleep.

10 Things I Wish I Knew Sooner: I think we’ve all had regrets during our lives about the way things turned out at one time or another. I know I’ve often wished for a rewind button on Life. This post, along with A Letter To My Son, is an attempt to pass along some of that accumulated “wisdom” to folks who may need it.

In addition to these articles here on Start Being Your Best, I had a guest post published over at  I really enjoyed writing about three phrases you can say to ensure you fail.  You should check that one out, too.

So, that’s what’s been happening around these parts the past month.  I’ll be trying out some new things  during the next month, and I’ll let you know more about it once that stuff goes live.  I’m pretty excited about it, and I could definitely use your help in spreading the word about it.  Thanks again for taking the time to read, comment, and send emails to me.  All that attention is much appreciated!  Let me know if you’ve got any suggestions, concerns, questions, or comments by using the contact form or down below in the comments section.  Thanks again.

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