Site Wrap Up – August 2009 Edition

im-blogging-thisSo, here we are, at the unofficial end of summer.  Next week is Labor Day, the kids are back in school, and football season is revving up.  Why is it still 90-100 degrees every day?  I know I’m in the minority, but summer must be my least favorite season of the year.  If it wasn’t for baseball, I don’t know how I’d get through it.

Anyway, on with the site wrap!  We added quite a few new subscribers this past month, and had some really great comments.  I had a blast with everything that went on here this past month; I hope you did, as well.  We talked about:

Serendipity – By definition, it’s not something you can plan for.  But, you can make yourself more open to having good things happen to you.

Excusitis – I was re-reading one of my favorite personal development books, and the chapter on Excusitis was always one that spoke to me.  Do you have one of the four strains of this paralyzing disease?

When Your Dream Becomes a Nightmare – An email from a reader prompted this post.  We talk so much about achieving your goals, but it’s possible that they turn out to not work out the way you’d like them to.  How do you handle these kinds of situations?

What Really Matters – Talking about philanthropy, and how I oftentimes take for granted how blessed I really am.  Some great causes you can support in the comments.

Your Situation Isn’t Your Problem – Living in the past or living for the future isn’t a solution to the issues we face every day.  Focus on finding contentment with where you are and where you’re going, rather than seeking temporary happiness.

Fakin’ It – This one seemed to strike a chord with a few people.  It’s important to act genuinely, but it seems like everyone feels like they’re in over their heads at some point.  It’s not faking if you’re trying to become who you want to be.

Leading Without Being a Leader – Finding yourself in positions of leadership aren’t the only time for you to demonstrate the qualities of a leader.

Credit Where It’s Due – Here was another time where my dumb reactions to situations are bared for all to see.  Don’t seeking affirmation outside yourself for things you do.  If it comes, that’s great.  If not, take pride in what you do for it’s own sake.

In addition, I posted a couple of articles on Get Rich Slowly as part of an audition for a position as a staff blogger over there.  Still haven’t heard whether or not I made it, but I should hear fairly soon.  Just found out that I didn’t get that position, but I still had a lot of fun trying out.  Thanks to J.D. Roth for the opportunity!  And, I posted an article on Dumb Little Man about 8 Ways To Motivate Yourself.

On a personal note, I’m headed out at the end of the week for a vacation.  I’ve got some posts lined up, so nothing’s going to change from a schedule standpoint.  Comment approval and responses to email may be a bit delayed, but I’ll still get around to it eventually, so never fear.

Thanks again for reading, folks!  I really appreciate everything you do around here.

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3 thoughts on “Site Wrap Up – August 2009 Edition”

  1. Sorry you didn't get the staff blogger position at GRS. I'm a reader there and really enjoyed your article on college education. Everyone wrote such neat articles that I don't know how JD finally made a decision.

    At any rate, I've been following your blog for the last week or so, and will continue. Thanks for sharing your insights — quite a few of your articles have struck a chord!

    1. Thanks, Linden. I appreciate you saying that. J.D. sure did have a tough choice, but I honestly think he made the right one. Baker and April are going to bring a lot to the table over at GRS.

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