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StandstrongI want to start a new periodic series here on Start Being Your Best called “Reader Spotlight”.  We’ve got  a fair amount of people who read this blog regularly, and I’ve had a chance to correspond with some of them that are making a commitment to being their best.  If these folks are doing something that I think may be of interest to the rest of the community, I thought it would be a good idea to share it.

Today’s inaugural entry in the series is Filip Matous’ soon-to-be-launched site,  According to Filip, will be:

…the number one philosophy video show on the internet that allows people  to see how different walks of life are all similar in their needs. We all need purpose, we all need love and there is so much out there that tries to separate people, why not put something out there that unifies?

In the interest of full disclosure, Filip approached me about doing a video interview to be included when the site launches.  Since I thought the idea was really awesome (and because I love to hear myself talk 😉 ), I was honored to be asked and quickly accepted.  He and I began to correspond a little bit about the concept prior to the interview and I asked him what the unifying thread between all the guests would be, and what we’d be talking about.  He said:

The main question I’ll be asking is this: What is the main thing you want to be known for, long after you are gone? Life really goes quick, if there is that one thing you want to be known for – what are you doing to achieve that dream?

Some people leave awesome children, some a piece of art, some a legacy, a business, a movement, and some seem to just fade away, nothing immortal from their life is left behind. I find that sad, and I see that people who really go after something usually feel happier and fulfilled then those who coast through life never trying to achieve something unique to leave their own little mark. To feel insignificant is terrifying to me.

I’ve been fascinated with the responses I’ve heard so far because I find that question directs a lot of what people do with their life. Even more scary are the ones that have no answer.
I’m definitely interested to see what other say in their interviews, and I’m curious to see how ours turned out.  I think this resource, more than anything else, will cause people to think and really consider what’s important to them.  Is my answer to the question going to be the same as yours, or some of the other folks Filip interviews?  Very doubtful.  However, if by hearing other people’s answers, we refine or clarify our own, I think Filip will be happy.

Again, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I want the people who read this blog to do two things:

  1. Quit lying to yourself
  2. Find out what makes you tick, and do it as best you can is going to be a great tool in all of our quests to do this, and I’m very gratified to have found Filip through what we’re doing here at Start Being Your Best.  Be sure to swing by and subscribe to the RSS feed so you can see when the site goes live.

So, what is it that you want to be remembered for?  It’s going to be different for everyone, but what is the one thing that you can do to be remembered?  Let us know in the comments…

Also, if you have a project (or know of one) that you’d like to have considered for this series, please let me know by leaving a comment, or dropping a me a line at jason [at] startbeingyourbest [dot] com.

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