Book Review – A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

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That being said, this is an awesome book.  GO BUY IT NOW. 🙂

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years is a book by New York Times bestselling author Donald Miller.  Miller wrote a memoir (Blue Like Jazz) that hit the best-seller lists.  A few years later, when this book picks up, Miller has been contacted by a film producer in order to write a screenplay based on the book.  At this point in his life, Miller is somewhat burnt out and not fulfilled by what he pursues.

Miller spent a lot of time and effort during this process learning the rules of story telling, and he gradually discovered that writing a good story requires “a character who wants something and overcomes conflict to get it”.

“What if,” Miller wonders “I were to apply these principles toward LIVING a better story?”  The rest of the book recounts his efforts to leave an unintentional life behind, and begin making a difference.  He gets in shape, hikes the Inca Trail, rides his bike across the United States, and begins a mentoring foundation, all with a focus on becoming better.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough.  Make every effort to read it as soon as possible.

I plan on dealing with the book in more detail later on Start Being Your Best, but our reviews for this program are only supposed to be 200 words long.  So, I’ll end this entry here.

3 thoughts on “Book Review – A Million Miles in a Thousand Years”

    1. Yes, you could very much enjoy the book. Miller doesn't deal directly too much with his faith. Of course, since Miller is a Christian (as I am), his worldview in that regard colors the way he understands life. This is not a "Christian" book, or even a spiritual one.

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