Asking Questions To Become An Impact Player

In order to make an impact, I need to be asking more questions. It’s tough to ask questions, though, isn’t it? It’s so much easier to turn on the TV, escape into a book, or just grab a beverage of your choosing and RELAX. Asking questions implies that one is LOOKING for answers. Otherwise, you’re just wasting time running your mouth. The operative word is “LOOKING”, of course. It’s an action. It requires effort. It’s HARD.

And even formulating the questions to ask is tough. Because life doesn’t come built-in with a plot; you’ve got to determine on your own what you want your story to be. Until that happens, you won’t be able to even formulate the questions to determine what answers you need to be looking for.

So, what questions should I be asking at this point in my life? What makes a life “meaningful”? These are questions that I’ve got knocking around in my head lately, and I’ll probably continue to work them out here. If you’re interested (and feedburner tells me there are still a few hundred of you subscribed here), feel free to come along on this journey of discovery with me. If you’re interested, leave a comment. I’d love to hear what you feel makes life meaningful.

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