About Jason

Thanks for taking the time to visit Start Being Your Best.  I wanted to take a minute to share a little bit about what I’ve done in my life, and the reasons why I started writing this blog.

As I mentioned in a post I called My Confession, I had a crisis of epic proportions when I was 21.  In that event, I experienced real failure in my life for the first time.  The kid who’d always gotten straight A’s and had never made a bad decision was forced to drop out of college due to some poor life and financial decision making.  This circumstance left my life’s plans in shreds and me working nights in a factory just to make debt and rent payments.  I lost touch with a lot of my friends who were still in school and essentially spent the next couple of years finding out who I really was, away from the support group I’d always had.

In reality, I never spent a night on the streets, and I learned that a consistent diet of ramen noodles will not kill you (although the sodium content really isn’t good for your blood pressure).  All in all, I came out of this situation a better person, because I learned one thing:  who you become as a person is a direct result of the people you associate with and the books that you read.

I became passionate about personal development due to this and other subsequent experiences.  I found out that even if you’re a person who’s never had anything go wrong before, there’s always a first time for everything.  My crisis, and situations like it, don’t have to be the end of the world (even if it feels like it at the time).  I felt that my challenges could become an example for other people who, like me, had never really had anything bad happen to them before.  I want  you to be able to learn from what I did wrong so that you don’t have to beat your head against the wall like I did.

As far as the blog is concerned, there isn’t much to say.  Read, comment, enjoy.  I hope you find it useful.  You should know that I occasionally insert affiliate links to Amazon.com if I mention a book or another resource that I think is valuable.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with affiliate links, it means I’ll get paid a little bit of money (currently 4% of the purchase price) for any purchase you make of something I recommend if you go there through my link.  It’s not much, as you can see.  If that bothers you, please don’t click the links.  Just surf on over to Amazon, or the internet retailer of your choice, and check out what I’ve recommended.  It won’t hurt my feelings (in fact, I won’t even know).

Anyway, that’s about it from me.  Please, feel free to contact me if there’s anything you’d like to hear from me on this blog, or if you’ve got any questions.  I read everything I get, and try to respond to all of my email within 48 hours.  Thanks for reading!